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Vendor's Application

Welcome to the North Stonington Farmer's Market! There are two mandatory steps to consider:

1. There is an application to be completed which out line the Farmer's Market requirements.

By clicking below, you will be able to download the application form complete with the regulations and fees.

Print a copy of the Application Now

2. All vendors MUST have a vendor's insurance policy.

North Stonington Farmer's Market is insured through It is not necessary to use the same insurer but this is the best the we could find. Click on the link below for more information.

For any additional information contact us at

                                   FARMER’S MARKET

Eligibility is based on a completed vendor application, proof of insurance, crop plans and all other supporting documents necessary to participate such as permits, certifications etc. All documents are to be submitted to the Market Master and are subject to approval.

The Market Master will determine if the applicant’s product(s) will positively impact North Stonington Farmer’s Market (NSFM) and all other participating vendors. Only products approved by the Market Master will be allowed for selling at NSFM.

All members of the NSFM must comply with all regulation requirements of the federal government as well as the state of Connecticut and town of North Stonington. Vendors must comply with all necessary health agencies and if required, must have supporting documents of proof.

NSFM assumes no loss or liability for any injury or harm that products sold by a vendor causes. All NSFM vendors must submit proof of insurance with the vendor application. Shunock River Farm and North Stonington Farmer's Market must be named as additional insureds on the policy, (Your insurance agent will provide you with the proper certificate of insurance.)

Items that are permitted to be sold at NSFM are:

 Connecticut grown fruit
 Connecticut grown vegetables
 Products from Connecticut raised animals
 Horticultural products grown in Connecticut on the vendor’s property or a property leased    by the vendor
 Food products produced in Connecticut such as baked goods, jams and jellies
 Artisan processed foods made in Connecticut and sold by the artisan themselves

All vendors must clearly mark prices on their products and visibly display the business name and location during operating hours at NSFM.

The NSFM will be held at 476 Norwich-Westerly Road, North Stonington CT 06359. Market times are Sunday 2-6pm starting June 19th, 2011. Selling to the general public begins at 2pm and no sooner. Completion of set up must be done at 1:45pm and sites must be vacated by 7pm. All vendors are responsible for individual site clean up leaving their spaces free of trash and debris.

Vendors are expected to attend the market on a consistent basis. Please contact the Market Master 72 hours in advance if unable to attend the market for any reason.

NSFM participants will be respectful and courteous to fellow participants and customers.

NSFM vendors will exhibit professional and ethical business practices. Any behavior causing a negative impact such as shouting or use of profanity will not be allowed. All participants will not be allowed to consume alcoholic beverages or smoke during the NSFM hours of operation.

Contact Information:
Primary Phone Number
Secondary Phone Number
Email Address
Business Information:
Business Name
Business Address
CT Sales Tax#
Health Dept. Permit#

Please describe the products you will sell:
Please circle either Yes or No:
Are you an organic farmer? Yes or No
Are you certified organic? Yes or No

All information I have provided in this application is accurate and subject to approval. I have read the North Stonington Farmer’s Market Regulations in its entirety and agree to abide by all rules and regulations, terms and conditions of the North Stonington Farmer’s Market

****Disclaimer: Shunock River Farm believes that it has obtained all of the necessary approvals to operate the NSFM at 476 Norwich Westerly Rd ( RT 2) North Stonington Ct. In the event that any unforeseen circumstances cause any disruption in the opening and or interruption of the NSFM season any and all liabilities and or claims arising from the failure to open and or continue the season will be limited to a full refund of any fees paid.***

Signature of Vendor________________________ Print ______________________             Name__________________________________________ Date__________________________________________ 20____

The North Stonington Farmer’s Market will be held Sundays 2-6pm. The season begins Sunday June 19th, 2011 and ends in October. The exact closing date for the season is to be determined.

The NSFM’s first year special is as follows:

Vendor fee to participate at the Sunday market the entire season is $75.00
To participate at the NSFM, please submit the following:

1. Completed Vendor Application
2. A check for the correct amount made payable to Douglas La Faive
3. Photocopies of all applicable permits and certifications
4. A photocopy of Sales and Use Tax Registration
5. A photocopy of proof of insurance naming NSFM and Shunock River Farm as additional insureds.
6. Crop Plans

 Mail the above items to:
 Market Master
Douglas LaFaive
 6 Quarry Path Lord's Point
Stonington, CT 06378